Sri Yoga – Yoga for the Spiritual Battle

Houston – Feb 17-19th 6-8p Special Class Series
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Houston Heights High School
1125 Lawrence St, Houston TX 77008
$25 drop-in class, $40/two or $50/three with pre-registration

We are excited to have Yogeshwar return to the Houston area to lead us in the experience of a beautiful and profound yoga asana practice, uniquely tailored to help the modern yogi to live a spiritual life in the world. This simple practice of ten simple but powerful poses delivers thousands of benefits in as little as thirty minutes of practice a day. The light Her Holiness has shined on the ancient science of yoga helps us in our battle to achieve liberation, bringing healing to ourselves and our people.

All workshops are suitable for all levels. If you have questions, concerns or needs, or would like to pre-register, please Contact Us or email Yogeshwar. Yogeshwar is available on a limited basis to provide private yoga sessions around the workshop dates.

Tuesday, Feb 17th 6-8p “Aligning with Sri Yoga”
The original yoga of the rishis was designed to purify the nervous system so that the body could be still and experience profound states of meditation and ultimately enlightenment. The yoga sequence of Her Holiness Amma Sri Karunamayi is of immense benefit to the acceleration of one’s spiritual evolution, bringing physical health and mental clarity. This class will familiarize you with the basics of this profound practice: sun salutations, the 10 yoga asanas of Karunamayi Yoga, and pranayama (breath exercises) for controlling the mind and balancing the senses.

Wednesday, Feb 18th 6-8p “Healing the body”
There are many ways to customize the practice to accommodate for special therapy needs. In particular, it’s necessary to open the body’s flexibility and tone the core strength before meditative experiences in poses are possible. This class will be slightly more physically rigorous, featuring optional standing poses to help eliminate tightness in the body and weakness in the core. Standing poses engage the fire element in the nervous system, thus providing the necessary fire to bring healing transformation to the body, preparing the yogi to go deep in concentration close to the earth.

Thursday, Feb 19th 6-8p “Spiritual detox”
We all experience negativity in our minds, but we don’t always know how to properly respond. Eliminating toxins in the body brings a discernable lightness to the mind and energy for battling for the Light. In addition to building on sun salutations, a couple standing poses, and the 10 yoga asanas, this class will also feature alternate seated poses, including inversions and twists, that can offer a special medicine to a burdened mind-body.

Her Holiness Amma Sri Karunamayi spent over a dozen years meditating in the forest for the benefit of humanity, and has since spent the past two decades touring the U.S. listening deeply to the pains we suffer in this modern world and offering many valuable programs to help us strive towards the noble goal of Self-Realization. The charities of SMVA Trust, a 100% volunteer run organization associated with the mission of Her Holiness, touch the lives of millions providing free education and college, free health care, shelter, food, water, clothes and much more.

About the Instructor: Yogeshwar has served for the past five years on Sri Karunamayi’s US Tour and was blessed by Sri Karunamayi to teach Karunamayi Yoga. With degrees in Math, Philosophy, Psychology and Physics, and over twenty years of yoga practice, Yogeshwar teaches and trains teachers both online and in Washington DC. He is the author of “Yoga is Union”, a holistic guide to Yoga for the Western practitioner.

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