Join us for a weekend of events with YOGESHWAR DARIN SOMMA and EMILY GUPTA in FAIRFIELD, IOWA
Friday, March 4th – Monday, March 7th

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Please note that all prices listed are on a sliding scale. If you have any financial needs or considerations, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us or send us an email.


Friday, March 4th

7-8:30pm Book talk and signing of Yoga is Union with Yogeshwar at Revelations Bookstore FREE EVENT

Enjoy the Fairfield 1st Fridays Art Walk and then stop by to hear stories of the creation of Yoga is Union and ask questions to the author!


We’ve packed a great weekend of events for our first trip to Fairfield, Iowa! Sign up for all four of the weekend workshops, and take $10 off!
All events held at Morning Star Studio

$10 Discount off Full Weekend of Events

Saturday, March 5th

1pm-4pm Yoga for the Spiritual Battle $40

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From the Bhagavad Gita to the phalanx of angels in heaven, there is a good reason why all world’s faiths liken the spiritual journey to battle, except the spiritual battle is more than the battle for life and death, it’s the battle for Light over darkness with salvation as the ultimate aim. The spiritual battle is not unlike physical battle, where we rely on the support of comrades who help us navigate the battlefield and provide support against the traps of the enemy, as every mystic tradition of the world centers around the focus on certain spirit guides.
To the ancient seers of Mother India, the asanas were more than poses, they were temples of contemplation housing special spirit guides with the power to help illuminate our souls. The yoga practice of Her Holiness Amma Sri Karunamayi is a special gift of ten asanas which profoundly cleanse the chakras and symbolize, among other things, the battle of Divine Mother with the forces of darkness. The practice is an enormous aid to the spiritual warrior, giving the opportunity to daily tune all aspects of our being.
– Receive initiation into the ancient sun salutations and the special ten-asana practice given by HH Amma Sri Karunamayi.
– Appropriate for all levels, classes in DC often have 7 year olds beside 70 year olds. Beginners are welcome, and even yoga teachers with 60 years experience have testified these teachings revolutionized their practice!

7:30-9p Vedic Storytelling w/ Masala Chai – Stories of Lord Shiva and Mahashivaratri $20

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In this series, Darin Somma (Yogeshwar) will tell enchanting and rarely-told stories of the God Lord Shiva and explain the meaning and moral significance behind them. By listening to stories about the glories of the Divine, our minds are purified and our hearts are uplifted. Darin will interweave sacred, mythological narratives, which are rooted in Vedic scripture, with meditation, mantra repetition, and kirtan (devotional chanting).
Lord Shiva is also known as the God of death and destruction and is the source of all auspiciousness. Living on a mountaintop in the Himalayas together with the Supreme Goddess, Lord Shiva is constantly engaged in austerity for the creation and is the father and source of all Yoga. Lord Shiva bestows the boons of psychic vision and detachment, and the most sacred night to Lord Shiva, Mahashivaratri, is on the Monday following the workshop. Learn how to best take advantage of this spiritual festival while sipping on delicious homemade masala chai!
Aum Namah Shivaya! Hara hara MahaDev!

Sunday, March 6th

10-12pm Yoga for the Spiritual Battle part 2 $30

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After growth and expansion comes the need to firm and stabilize in what was gained. In this workshop, we’ll repeat the special yoga practice of Her Holiness Amma Sri Karunamayi, and have the opportunity to re-encounter the allies of the ten asanas, deepening our relationship and connection with them. Each class is uniquely and spontaneously manifested according to the need of the participants and the will of the guides. After initiation into the practice comes initiation into the life your Higher Self wants for you. Come to receive healing and the firming of the expansion to ensure continued upward growth in your spiritual evolution.
Initiation into the practice will also be provided for those unable to attend the Saturday workshop.

Break for Lunch 12-1pm

1-2:30pm Sacred Ayurvedic Cooking: Masala Chai Spices $20

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“Chai” means tea and “Masala” means spiced. Most people don’t know that the spices used in traditional ayurvedic cooking are used not just for flavor but to take advantage of their potent healing power. Spices are literally the gems of the plant kingdom, Nature’s gift to us containing the most medicinal benefit for our health and well-being. In this workshop, we’ll become intimately familiar with all of the spices used in traditional masala chai, learning how they’re used in ayurveda for their medicinal value. We’ll then learn how to prepare the masala chai step by step, with plenty of time for questions and note-taking. Of course, the reward of this wisdom is in the delicious cup we get to enjoy in the end!

3-5pm The Tree of Yoga: Satsang, Pranayama, and Meditation FREE EVENT

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In addition to being a description of the science of enlightenment, the classic eight limbs of PataƱjali’s Yoga also delineate one’s sadhana (spiritual practice) schedule! Learn how the rishis would craft their days based on these timeless principles to maximize energy for realizing the Self. Learn the invaluable guidance Her Holiness Amma Sri Karunamayi has provided for practicing pranayama and meditation. Enjoy satsang (gathering of true company) with chanting and time for questions and answers with Yogeshwar. Leave fully prepared with all the tools you need to pursue your Self-Realization.

Monday, March 7th

7-830pm Sri Mahashivaratri Yoga Class $20

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A spirited practice led by Yogeshwar, on the sacred night of Mahashivaratri! It is said that any noble desires will be will be fulfilled for those who spend this night in prayer. Join in this evening practice of communion with our higher Self and the source of all auspiciousness.
This is an open class for all levels including beginner: we practice the sun salutations, standing poses, the ten-asana sequence of HH Amma Sri Karunamayi, a couple alternate poses, and corpse. Each class is the same practice, but uniquely inspired.