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Do you have special needs that makes it hard for you to attend a group yoga class?

Do you have specific goals, such as management of health conditions, physical injuries / limitations, emotional stabilization, or improved mental focus?

Private Yoga instruction is a fantastic opportunity to get the focused attention you need from a highly trained instructor. A single private session can advance your yoga practice more than dozens of group classes by allowing for opportunities you can’t get in a group class – like a customized yoga routine tailored specifically to your needs and goals, advice on how to arrange a practice environment, healthy diet, and more.

Yogeshwar Darin Somma has been teaching yoga for over two decades, and has witnessed dozens of miraculous transformations in his private instruction clients.

The suggested donation for an initial consultation is $108.  This can be between 1-1.5 hours.

If more sessions are suggested, a price plan based on a sliding scale is offered to make sure you can receive the instruction needed while staying within your budget. If the initial consultation fee is also a barrier to receiving the attention you need, please inquire about scholarship options.

You may also contact Yogeshar directly to inquire about private classes by emailing