Private One-on-One or Group Instruction

Get the attention you need...

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Do you have special needs that makes it hard for you to attend a group yoga class?

Do you have specific goals, such as management of health conditions, physical injuries / limitations, emotional stabilization, or improved mental focus?

Private Yoga instruction is a way to get the focused attention you need from a highly trained instructor. A single private session can advance your yoga practice more than dozens of group classes.
– Get a customized yoga routine tailored specifically to your needs and goals

– Get advice on how to arrange your practice environment, healthy diet, and more.

Yogeshwar Darin Somma has been teaching yoga online for almost a decade, and has witnessed miraculous transformations in this modern vehicle for yoga.

If any of the consultation fees are a barrier to you receiving the attention you need, or if you want to schedule a private group class please inquire about these options.

If you are in need of YOGA THERAPY, please visit this page.