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Yoga for Self-Healing Workshop

Saturday, Mar 3, 1-3:30pm EST

The use of yoga asana for medicine works similar to all holistic therapies such as acupuncture and tui na in Traditional Chinese Medicine and osteopathic adjustments by working primarily with the connections of the facial body. The facial body can tell even tell us about organ health, and proper manipulation of the fascia can even restore healthy organ function. Yoga asana also has more subtle healing properties by way of balancing the five winds of the body and the three doshas, or principal constitutional imbalances. This holistic ancient understanding of yoga has an astonishing healing power that is rarely accessed today, even power to reverse terminal illness (not to mention healing those exercise injuries). Even so, the ancient yogis weren’t just interested in physical and mental health, their goal was nothing less than absolute and final liberation of the soul. In this workshop, we’ll explore practical guidelines for getting started in interacting with the practices of yoga as medicine, experience hands-on techniques for developing your healing intuition and starting to understand the facial body, and come to understand the healing fundamentals of yoga that separates it from exercise.

Donation Range: $40 – $60
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Yoga for the Spiritual Battle Description

From the Bhagavad Gita to the phalanx of angels in heaven, there is a good reason why all world’s faiths liken the spiritual journey to battle, except the spiritual battle is more than the battle for life and death, it’s the battle for Light over darkness with salvation as the ultimate aim. The spiritual battle is not unlike physical battle, where we rely on the support of comrades who help us navigate the battlefield and provide support against the traps of the enemy, as every mystic tradition of the world centers around the focus on certain spirit guides.

To the ancient seers of Mother India, the asanas were more than poses, they were temples of contemplation housing special spirit guides with the power to help illuminate our souls. The yoga practice of Her Holiness Amma Sri Karunamayi is a special gift of ten asanas which profoundly cleanse the chakras and symbolize, among other things, the battle of Divine Mother with the forces of darkness. The practice is an enormous aid to the spiritual warrior, giving the opportunity to daily tune all aspects of our being.

– Receive initiation into the ancient sun salutations and the special ten-asana practice given by HH Amma Sri Karunamayi.
– Appropriate for all levels, classes in DC often have 7 year olds beside 70 year olds. Beginners are welcome, and even yoga teachers with 60 years experience have testified these teachings revolutionized their practice!

All workshops are suitable for all levels. If you have questions, concerns or needs, or would like to pre-register, please Contact Us or email Yogeshwar. Yogeshwar is available on a limited basis to provide private yoga sessions around the workshop dates.

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