Yogeshwar Teaching Karunamayi Yoga in NYC 2013

Jai Sri!

Yogeshwar is offering only individual yoga teacher training at this time. The individual training includes private session with Yogeshwar, access to online materials including videos, articles, and sound recordings, and access to the teacher training email list for invitation to group sadhana sessions and access to online webinars when they happen.

If you are interested, please fill out the application and email it to yogeshwar@sriyoga.com, we will be in touch shortly after.
Download the Sri Yoga TT application

Topics include:
1. Study of Amma Sri Karunamayi’s yoga asana practice and teachings on meditation and pranayama
2. Sanskrit – learning proper pronunciation of Vedic Mantras and hymns
3. The holistic vision of yoga and how to integrate yogic practice into all aspects of daily living
4. Yoga anatomy – physical, mental, and spiritual
5. Secrets of energetic alignment in asana practice
6. Study of Alternate Poses
Karunamayi Yoga Austin Meditation Retreat 20137. Teaching methodology, class framing, standards of conduct, dealing with special needs
8. Giving adjustments to students – when and how
9. Observing bodies and energetic signatures as introduction to the process of Yoga Therapy


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