Burning Bush Botanicals

100% Organic Wild Foraged Botanicals

A long time ago, all medicine was whole plant extracts.  Pharmaceuticals today seek to isolate what appears to be the key compound in producing a specific action, like taking aspirin for pain relief, for example.  But in the original plant, there are other beneficial compounds which work synergistic with that isolated chemical.

Burning Bush Botanicals (BBB) is the botanical line of a master herbalist who cares deeply about the source, quality, and purity of the product.

The potency of wild foraged herbs is much stronger, and so every herb that can be ethically wild foraged, is.  Because of helpful partnerships with other sustainable foragers and herbalists, BBB is able to pride itself on having a fully wild-foraged and organic product line.  In-house tinctures use organic grape ethanol as the menstruum.  All honey and oils are organic and from pure sources as well.

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