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The scope of Yoga Therapy is much broader than most people realize.  In addition to helping address musculo-skeletal issues, it can provide rejuvenative support to all of the organs of the body and to all systems of function within the body.

Yoga Therapy is a great aid to those working with forms of chronic disease, including chronic fatigue, hormonol imbalance, and mental diseases such as depression, anxiety, and obsessive compulsion.  It can help medicine work more efficiently and helps the body to come off of medication.

Yoga Therapy is always individualized, and seeks to treat the individual as a whole by creating balance and thereby empower the individual to heal themselves.  When the techniques of Yoga are properly practiced for self-therapy, they are incredibly efficient.  Depending on the condition, it may only require a commitment a small as 10-20 minutes a day.

Darin has over 20 years experience using the techniques of Yoga Therapy to help with a variety of issues.  He is grateful to have seen the power of yoga help many people heal themselves of difficult situations, and relies on it in his own healing.

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